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Care Instructions


Whilst our Premium Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions are made with the highest luxe quality throughout, it’s still really important to look after each set and give your Extensions the utmost TLC, the same care you’d treat your natural locks to! To maintain your hair style, shape and bounce (and to maximise the longevity of course!) - we’ve curated the ultimate aftercare guide to ensure that your tresses remain in dreamy condition and super soft from weft to tip.


1. Gently brush through your hair extensions starting from the bottom sections, gradually working upwards, ensuring that the hair strands from weft to tip are tangle-free and that your brush/comb can glide through effortlessly.

2. Fill your sink or a large bowl with lukewarm water and place your extensions into the water, keeping the clips above the water to prevent damage.

3. Gently apply a small amount of LullaBellz Shampoo to the hair from wefts right through to the ends.

4. Swirl your Hair Extensions around in the water gently. Avoid rubbing the hair together as this can encourage tangling.

5. Next, remove the extensions from the water and rinse them under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top, near the clips. 

6. Gently squeeze out any excess water or Shampoo residue until the water runs clear.

7. Next, rinse the extensions under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top, near the clips.

8. Squeeze out any excess water and Conditioner residue, until the water runs clear.

9. Leave the extensions to air dry naturally (near a radiator is best!)


Ensure your Hair Extensions are kept in pristine condition and remain super sleek and tangle-free. Wrap your Hair Extensions around your hand gently and place in a LullaBellz Satin Storage Bag to maintain the shape, style and bounce!



Fake tan, body lotions or fragrances

Sleeping with Hair extensions in place

Heated tools which exceed 180 degrees

Over brushing