Haireshop 8D Real Thick Human Hair Extensions 50 Strands Nano Bead Inv

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Haireshop 8D Real Thick Human Hair Extensions 50 Strands Nano Bead Invisible Hair Extensions 0.6g/s Micro Ring Link Hair Loop Extension For Women Dark Colors

Designer: Haireshop

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Material: 100% human hair, no other mixture

Length and weight and package:

  • 16 inch = 40 cm, 0.6g / s, 50 strands / pack = 30 grams
  • 18 inch = 45 cm, 0.6g / s, 50 strands / pack = 30 grams

Application Suggestion:

- If You Have Short Hair, Want Long & Volume Effect, Buy 400 strands.

- If You Have Long Hair, But Thinner, Want Volume Effect, Buy 200-300 strands.

- If You Want Highlight Effect, Or Want More Volume, Buy 100 strands.


100% Human Hair  8D beads hair extensions, collected from healthy donor, soft, smooth, natural and glossy, no tangle free, no split. Naturally blend with your hair. No Glue, No Clip, No heating to your hair, quite safe, lightweight and comfortable on your scalp. Can be cut, straightened, curled and dyed. Please remember only light color can be dye darker. Only Off Black#1B can be bleached (to #27).

Seamless Nano Beads  Nano Beads are 90% Smaller than the traditional Micro bead rings, beads size: 2*1.4*3 mm,so it hides extremely well in any color and thin hair; 10 srtands with one loop to apply hair extensions, it's so convenient that you can easily do hair extensions yourself at home.

Specification  50strands, 0.6g/strand, total weigh 30g, lightweight. For normal thickness hair, we recommend 1-2 packs to adding length and slight thickness; for thinning hair, 3-4 packs are needed to add volume for a full head.

Hair Color  All the pictures are toke by ourselves, please refer to the color of the product instead of the model. Please note there may be color differences because of monitors.

Suitable for Any Occasions  Perfect for dating, daily use, party, concert, wedding, sports, holiday,etc. Great choice for instant hair beauty transformation without long waiting hair growth time. Heathy with natural hair shine, and can blend with your hair naturally and cannot be found easily.